November VLOG 10/30

by Tim Trueheart

Next Level? People always talk about this “next level”.

“I can’t wait until-, I’m trying to get to the-”

Describing this “next level” may be the secret to your success…

I carry around a sketchbook filled with colored pencil drawings of my dream house.



November VLOG 9/30

by Tim Trueheart

Keep only what is necessary. Get rid clutter. The less clutter the better. Create space in your environment then use that space for yoga and create space in your body. The yoga will help create space in your mind. After expanding your room, body, and mind you’ll feel lighter and more open to the world. You’ll be able to experience new opportunities for growth.

Healthy habits like decluttering, practicing yoga, and meditating help us center ourselves making you a more efficient you. We’re in a constant state of flux and having some "way" you center yourself is critical for our sanity…

Helping yourself enables you to help those around you. Example; The emotionally distressed colleague. How many times have you seen that scenario play out? When you’re on point you can help people who are drift from center.

You don’t need to do what I’m saying I do but you do need to do what you need to do for you. Reflect on your needs, wants, haves, and goals and develop a centering routine and practice it daily. Enact your plan and watch your world open up. You can be your own guru simply by decluttering your room.