I'm still mad

by Tim Trueheart

I'm still mad about Emmett Till.

I'm still mad they took Muhammad Ali's title when he wouldn't fight in Vietnam.

I'm still mad about Martin Luther King.

I'm still mad about Malcolm X.

I'm still mad about Fred Hampton.

I'm still mad about Trayvon.

I’m still mad about a lot of shit.

Put systems in place so you don't screw yourself! #MonkModeMay

by Tim Trueheart

I've been having great workouts lately. Today I did twenty-two minutes in the sauna followed by twenty-five minutes on the heavy bag. Then I did a HIIT workout, stretched my body out, and I called it a day.

I’m working on cutting weight by focusing on my diet which is very difficult… Ha, like you didn’t dieting was difficult. So, if there’s a possibility I’ll have any serious obstacles during my diet I put together fail safes to ensure I don’t go off the rails and eat an entire key lime cheesecake or something equally stupid.

I make sure I have systems in place for when I experience a moment of weakness  so I don’t screw myself over. No one has time to mess around and fail on their diet or their training program over and over. Well, at least I don't.  

I schedule my week so I get all the most important things I need to get done finished in a timely manner. I wake up and either workout or write first thing in the morning everyday. Then I check emails and prepare my brunch (I don’t eat breakfast anymore). Then I do my laundry (I’m a big sweater) and I work on whatever I gotta do. My schedule is very different than most people’s because I’m a comedian so I spend a lot of time writing but my success comes from commitment and discipline. Discipline is so important… I know that sounds like horse shit coming from the guy who hasn’t done a blog post in almost two weeks but I mean it… I wrote this didn’t I?

Anyway, you’ve got to put systems in place that stop you from screwing yourself over. If you can have a back up plan for when you start going all Dumb and Dumber then the likelihood of you reaching your goals will grow exponentially!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for y’all today. I’m glad to be back. I had some serious computer issues which have since been resolved so I will be posting daily blogs going forward unless I say otherwise. Again I appreciate you for riding with me partners!



Is change actually possible, or are you just fucked? #MonkModeMay

by Tim Trueheart

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Props to myself for completing an 18 hour fast earlier today! Yep, my dick just got a lil thicker.

Going through a physical transformation is no easy task… A physical transformation is not as simple as it sounds. Nope. That shit is HARD… But it doesn’t have to be. You can change your life. You’re not doomed. I think it’s all about going at about 75% of your max capacity instead of walls to the wall. I’ve been going “light,” i.e. around 70-75% and my recovery time is way better.

See, for A physical transformation to actually occur so many other changes have to also happen beyond just your physique transforming. The way you think, the way you operate, the way you eat. Honestly, a ton of shit happens inside of you. When you start to change you literally really start to change. This makes lasting change a never ending balancing act. It’s not easy. In fact it being difficult is the only thing you can really count on. This is the reason why I am taking things easy, because if I can lower my expectations I can actually achieve what I’m trying to do. I just have to not try so hard. Trying too hard will burn your ass out!

Changing is tough because we are creatures of H-A-B-I-T and we like our routines whether or not they’re good for us. Not to mention that when things do get difficult that’s exactly when doubt starts to settle in. Doubt sucks. Self-doubt is as insidious as Darth Sidious. BTW, I’m going from a Ford Ranger to a Lexus IS 350…

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.21.36 PM.png

When doubt comes knocking you must kick it square in it’s chin testicles. You have a plan and you need to believe that either you, and or your plan is doable. Have a vision for your body so that when you feel tired you can look at it and be inspired. You need a vision clear enough that you can see it when you close your eyes. If you believe in your plan and stick to it you won’t need to worry about achieving your goal because you would’ve already done all you could. Focus on game planning, preparation, consistency, and execution and watch the world bend to you will! When you put in the work you can relax knowing all you have to do is be patient and have faith. Faith, belief, vision, a plan, all of these are components to succeeding on your mission to the top!!!

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.23.24 PM.png



Meditation, balance, and getting rid of excess baggage. #MonkModeMay

by Tim Trueheart

I need to maintain a regular meditation practice. I need it to stay under control…

I have not been meditating everyday and if I don't meditate everyday I run the risk of getting pissy. I have to keep my mental health very sharp but I sometimes neglect it when I’m doing a lot of other things.

I’m trying to sell things online, get more balance in my life, I'm trying to be light….

Considering that, I’d be better off with less. And who wouldn’t? Saying you’d be better off with less stuff is like saying most people could lose a few pounds. True that boss, you’re right... and? Cutting down on stuff is legit work and it requires a lot of you and your real attention. I’m currently going to go through clothes to see if there’s anything else I can get rid of. The less things I have the better off I’ll be considering I’m decluttering my life. I am not going to put myself into a position where I am doing too much of one thing and obsessing about it. Let's get some progress and balance in our lives!

The more healthy habits you have the more comfortable in general you'll be. #MonkModeMay

by Tim Trueheart

If you’re going to get fit you’ll need an optimal balance of exercise, rest, and diet. Well, that’s easier said than done. Essentially, most of us overtrain and/or under rest. Training intensity should only be about 70% and occasionally you go hard. Instead of going beast mode everyday you  focus on consistency and flow. Apparently, that allows you to get more volume and better long term results. I am just now getting that through my thick skull and boy are there some great benefits!

Today is a rest day... What that means is I have a lot of stretching to do. I might do walking on my rest days. A lot of walking or yard work on a rest day, or even a light hike,

is cool. Rest can be anything though. These are a few great ways to rest; yoga, floatation tank session, massage, manicure,  even a haircut and tanning could work for a recovery day. need to let my body recover and I am starting to see what it looks like to let my body recover. Meditating is always essential but on a rest day maybe you'll go longer or deeper that day.

Here is a great example from a Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Fight Companion episode with guest Firas Zahabi. Zahabi is a world class MMA trainer who has trained MMA legends like Rory MacDonald and Georges St. Pierre arguably the greatest fighter of all time.

No, probably not better than Jon Jones but come on GSP dude... I'm talking about GSP! GSP!! He's a true martial artist and ambassador for the sport. He's never had any bad press. He's clean as a whistle. Except for that one time he had Vaseline all over his back but dude that's just gamesmanship. What? He didn't "take" anything. Anyway check this out, it's fascinating.

You have to loosen up your body every morning and every night as well as before and after each workout. I need to loosen up my body just to have a productive day! If I did a long cardio session followed by kicking the heavy bag then I’d need a serious full body stretching routine.

See, your training schedule won't work if you're always be tight and sore... You've gotta stick to a balanced plan that covers everything; calisthenics, flexibility, mobility, power, speed, while working the cardiovascular system.

The more healthy habits you have the more comfortable in general you'll be.

I'm waking up earlier and earlier. If I wake up first thing in the morning feeling stiff and tight I know I'm not stretching enough and that's today's focus. It means, I'm overtrained, and need to warm up my body and then to stretch out my sore muscles and get loose. Staying loose is everything. You can't even feel comfortable and at ease when you're body is super tight and stiff.

Stretching, yoga, running, meditation, all keys to living a healthy life.

Remember, the more healthy habits you have the more comfortable in general you'll be.

So, when you wake up warm up your body with some light calisthenics, followed by circuits of body weight exercises. After a full body body weight circuit routine move into a body weight inspired cardio session incorporating intervals of varying intensity.

(No wonder aerobics is so dope. Zumba anyone?)

I think you get up and meditate. Then get your body moving, then your mind flowing, then you can really get out there and be dangerous. Next you get a little workout in come back and do some yoga and then write afterwards and lay out your plans for world domination, or peace whatever you like. *knuckles*



Moving out: You can't be a badass living in a basement... #MonkModeMay

by Tim Trueheart

I don’t know what to do… I want the world to be a better place. I want to help make people’s lives better.

I pondered, What can I do to help make the world a better place? Learn how to make kombucha? Sell dehydrated fruits? Then I thought, how about getting a job and moving out of my parent’s house for starters? That’d probably make my mom really happy- not having to smell my protein farts, and dirty gym clothes.

Getting my own apartment is giving to my mom... I kinda like the sound of that.

I am not a narcissist, the rest of the world just needs to change.


*folds arms*

I do need to be less selfish. They say, “You have to give love to get love” .... So, I’m giving out love 24/7!

I’m working on my networking because I want to be a badass and I know that requires a lots of dedication but I think I can do it. I do have doubts about my ability but I believe it’s possible if I break it down into teeny-tiny-ensy-weensy-wittle-baby steps.

I’m surrounding myself with more positive people. Only letting positive people into your circle makes collaborating with one another easier and also enables everyone to achieve more than when there’s a succubus around.

We are all powerful and I believe if we can get better at following our own rules and living up to the standards we’ve set for ourselves then we’ll meet those standards!

Want to cultivate a garden of good brain activity? Journal! #MonkModeMay

by Tim Trueheart

I write a lot… Seriously. Well, I spend a lot of time on the computer. I dunno how much time I’m actually writing but I am a writing fool!

Writing 1000 words first thing in the morning isn't the easiest thing to do. But considering all the benefits it's definitely worth the effort.  

Journaling first thing in the morning really helps me get clarity. It helps lighten your mental and spiritual load. Basically journaling helps you live your best life. Journaling allows for some solid self-exploration without spending much money! I love to do a stream of consciousness brain dump daily to get everything out of my head. If you think I’m exaggerating then try writing everyday for a month and see the results for yourself… I’m think you’d be surprised. #writerslife