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The Improv Imps Community Service Show

That's right freaks, The Improv Imps Community Service Show is this Sunday and you've got two options. One, come out to our show... OR two, shoving an oblong pigskin ball where the sun don't shine, because the correct answer is option one! I know you're leaning towards the latter but hear me out. We do this show Every second sunday of the month and it's a blast each and every time... I dare you to delight in our debauchery, I mean what else are you going to do, I'm betting it involves sitting around and stewing about your ex. Am i right or am I right? That might have also been my plan but fortunately I'm not a bitch so I'll be performing to numb my pain. The show is PG-13 so you can bring your kids, but just because you can bring your kids doesn't mean you should asshole... Just duct tape them to a chair and let your Japanese babysitter Hitachi raise them the right way. Anyways I'll see you soon bitches. 




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