Perfect Liars Club

by Tim Trueheart

A lot of people have New Year’s Resolutions, and I’m no different. This year mine is to continue to grow as a comedian, podcaster, and writer. The way I'm going to do that is through storytelling. I know how to write and tell jokes, but I don’t know about writing and telling stories, so I’m going to work on improving that aspect of my craft. I told this, my very first story, for the first time one week earlier with the Perfect Liars Club. I worked on it daily, trying to get a little better each time, and this video was the sixth time I told it.

Me, w/   Mike Baireuther   ,    Rachel Evans   ,   meg massey

Me, w/ Mike BaireutherRachel Evansmeg massey

Clockwise from left: Rachel Evans, Me, Mike Baireuther, Meg Massey