by Tim Trueheart

    No doubt about it, people are nuts, and the world is crazy! Well, just when you thought nothing else could surprise you. BAM, that weirdo with the beard from that cubicle that smells like testicles sends you a link from, (NSFW Or, something like this.

HOLY SHIT! What is wrong with people?

    There's one thing you never see in those crazy daredevil compilation videos, and that’s Black people. Never! You don't see a lot of black people climbing anything, except ladders to cut down nets after winning basketball games, and fences, while they're running from the police (I've seen this in movies).     My point is, black people usually like to stay in their lane, (except the 20+ brothers in the NHL, link, ... and that's why, you don't see a lot of black rock climbers. There'd be some dumb black dude boycotting crane climbing like,      "I ain't hanging from no futhamuckin girder, so some futhamucker can call me a monkey!"

    Unfortunately that same futhamucka might possibly enjoy watching fools get straight up beatdown on sites like WORLDSTARHIPHOP.COM.

    By the way, I love all of these videos and acknowledge that I am part of the problem. The clip in the tweet below is so disturbing it's worth checking out. You know you want to, so just do it, click that link.

    Yeah, did you see that giant dude putting those futhamuckas to sleep? OMG, how scary! How gangster are kids these days? I'm getting nervous just thinking about the "knockout" game. It's really pretty terrifying... Imagine someone trying to knock you out for no reason, and it's also sucker punch... Makes me want to get out my chuks like,


    Switching gears, now I'd like to talk about an article I read last night...

    So, for years now I've basically thought Kim Jong Un was crazy, and he is, but I had no idea how crazy he was until yesterday when I read an article that said every man in North Korea has to have their haircut exactly like him! WTF? Are you shitting me? And to make matters worse, as if they can get any worse they're already in North Korea. The hair-doo, known as the “New Leader” is a that same piece of crap hairstyle from the mid 90’s I'm sure we all remember... And every dude has to rock it. What a flustercuck! 

    This was the popular British boy band Take That, but the haircut is more like, Fuck That!

    But how can I even talk smack when this is what I was rocking in the 2000’s?

I look like a   "felicia"

I look like a "felicia"

Nonetheless, things happen that I just can’t believe and another my prime example is James Charles Harries. Think you’re ready? Buckle up, because Here-We-Go! 

NOW, let's, for sure, check out that whole music video!

    OKAY, so that happened. The world is crazy and the internet is helping us realize it file by file, video by video, dick pic by dick pic. Or, in Lauren's case, weird pic of an inside-out hotdog with a hole like a bullfrog where a johnson used to be by weird pic of an inside-out hotdog with a hole like a bullfrog where a johnson used to be. Remember, these are jokes. (I know, I'm going to hell when I die).

Take Care,