by Tim Trueheart

As long as I can remember I’ve always been an individual.

When everyone clinked their glasses together after a touchdown my drink always had the umbrella.

    YES, I’m into “floofy concepts,” like astrology, numerology, and Self-help books. I don’t know why, it’s just the way I am… It’s probably because I’m an ENFP. (Uh-Oh, I started talking all that liberal mumbo jumbo again).

   ENFP refers to a personality type from the MYERS-BRIGGS personality test. I am one of the most “leftist-liberal” types of people based off this personality scale. You should definitely take one of these tests, especially if you’ve never taken one because the results are very accurate, and interesting to say the least.


Check it out here:

    It seems like rightwing conservatives don’t read horoscopes, do personality tests, or talk to psychics. I don’t know why, other than because of something in their DNA (I don’t really believe it’s in their DNA, it’s entirely something else that I don’t understand). I'm interested in many things conservative right wingers aren’t, including; meditation, floatation tanks, and energy work. I do it because I want to be the best I can be, and I think it might help.

“I think you need to get high and look through a telescope.” -Joe Rogan

    I do Joe, I do. I definitely have astigmatism in my third eye, and I want it out! SO, if I holding a crystal in my hand while reciting chants helps elevate me to another level of consciousness... 

Then my only question is, "Where can I setup my (yoga) mat?"

Yoga is a really important part of my life: which is why I should probably do it more than once a month.

try to put out positive energy wherever I go.

This guy knows what I'm talking about... POSITIVE ENERGY!

This guy knows what I'm talking about... POSITIVE ENERGY!

    I also like the Enneagram website, it’s filled with a ton of interesting stuff about personality. I like how you can use it to cross reference your relationship compatibility with your mate. Don’t let them know you’re doing this though because they might feel “some type of way” about it. (Only if they’re a righty though).

Check it out here:

There is the feng shui of your personality...

Check it out here:

There is your Chinese animal, and it’s element...

Check it out here:

And the Dewey Color System...

Check it out here:

This is one of my favorite colors to surround myself with when i’m working.

    I review this stuff, comparing and contrasting my results, trying to learn everything I can about my “default settings,” because there’s no manual on how to be human. (I’m not talking about the Bible, Torah, or the Koran here either. I’m only saying there aren’t IKEA instructions, for people). But, there are people who came before us and have information we don’t, and if I can benefit from their research then you bet your ass I’m going to check it out. I’m a competitive person (whatever that means) and if reading my horoscope gives me an edge, then so be it!

Good Luck,