Tim Trueheart: twitter topics: Sex vs. Love

by Tim Trueheart

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    This podcast topic is from the twitterverse… and it’s, Sex vs. Love... I start off a little controversial with an early reference to hate fucking then I ease into the different aspects of what it takes to be a man. I sniffle through the entire thing and I unpack the differences between sex and love from off the top of my head.

Here’s an example of this episode...

    Sex and love are two different things. I think animals have the ability to love. They just prefer to rip your face off and eat your skin when you look at them funny. Everything wants to eat your face!!! Sex is great... sex, sex, sex. Having sex with someone you love is better than sex with someone you don't love. You can have sex with someone you don't love. It's up to you to decide what's right for you. Sex is super popular.

    Dating is hard to... Dating multiple people, and kicking ass at your life is basically impossible... Guys do relationships for the sex, women do sex for the relationship. I can't bone someone unless they're cool... I need to share a deep mental, spiritual, and emotional connection with a woman before boning. What works best for me is monotony... oops, I mean monogamy.

    My theory is, become the best version of yourself so that you can then have undeniable value. Work on yourself and that'll draw people towards you.  Then people will start bringing you girls.

    There's a lot of dudes out there that started dating a girl and she was the nicest prettiest girl that they could get with... They just picked the hottest, nicest person that they thought they could get and then they just tapped out.

    If you're just some dude that stays in his house all the time and plays video games you're never going to be able to fuck with guys like Chad.

    Sex is a human imperative... So sex will keep us going but love will keep us alive!

    Also, porn stars are either zen masters or psychopaths because of their ability to focus in such a high stress situation.