BLOG #68: Your Ideal Day!

by Tim Trueheart

    Turning our dreams into reality requires a lot effort, but once you’re on the right track it’s really more about staying the course... But, what does “the right track” look like? See, you need to visualize what a successful day looks like for you. What does your successful day look like? This is something you’ll need to think about. It’s also not a permanent thing, it’s fluid and ever changing.

    As a stay at home dad this is what my, “ideal typical day” looks like...

    First, I wake up at 6 am and I do the “Five Tibetan Rites,” to warm up my body and to help keep me limber… There’s no excuse for not spending 10 minutes a day just stretching out your body... Next, a few cardio kettlebell circuits followed by some wind sprints, light stretching, (I don’t want to pull a hammy now do I?) a steam (15 minutes a day is ideal), and finally the powerful shit, shave, shower combo.

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    Once I’m a dapper don, I write and edit my 750 words writing assignment for my daily blog.

    Then I have breakfast (a ketogenic meal) and then watch the news, check emails, work on my calendar, to do list, and planning.

    After all of that I review my most recent sets take notes and then rehearse my set a few times listening back to it after each run through. Again I write for another hour, this time for a specific reason such as; a book, a future blog, a podcast, my act.

Bout to feed the baby girl. 🍼

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    Then lunch (finally)! After that Grace, Chico and I will usually go for a walk to look at all the nice houses in our neighborhood. I like having visual examples of things I can aspire towards.

    Now, if my daughter takes a nap I always try to do something that sharpens my sword, I may stretch or meditate. I may clean, or work on an art project. I may rehearse my act, edit a podcast, read, or work on my business (I am very concerned with paying my bills and building wealth).

Well, everyday I strive for perfection knowing at my very best I'm still a little dysfunctional.