Vlog 34 Foundations for getting out of the basement 4: Having Good Days

by Tim Trueheart

I don't want you out in the world doing things incorrectly all the time.

Make sure you’re doing everything necessary to become who you want to be.

You need to do what you have to do to have the day you want.

Everyday you should be motivated to do that for yourself.

If you’re not sure if you’re doing enough to make your dreams a reality.

Getting yourself to the next level is all about doing what people on that plain of existence do.

You have to give yourself to the experience and after that then you’ll start achieving.

Committing to being the best person you can will make you hard on yourself.

When you expect a lot from yourself and you see someone taking it easy it’ll piss you off.

Think about the feeling of having your shit together… It’s a great feeling.