Is change actually possible, or are you just fucked? #MonkModeMay

by Tim Trueheart

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Props to myself for completing an 18 hour fast earlier today! Yep, my dick just got a lil thicker.

Going through a physical transformation is no easy task… A physical transformation is not as simple as it sounds. Nope. That shit is HARD… But it doesn’t have to be. You can change your life. You’re not doomed. I think it’s all about going at about 75% of your max capacity instead of walls to the wall. I’ve been going “light,” i.e. around 70-75% and my recovery time is way better.

See, for A physical transformation to actually occur so many other changes have to also happen beyond just your physique transforming. The way you think, the way you operate, the way you eat. Honestly, a ton of shit happens inside of you. When you start to change you literally really start to change. This makes lasting change a never ending balancing act. It’s not easy. In fact it being difficult is the only thing you can really count on. This is the reason why I am taking things easy, because if I can lower my expectations I can actually achieve what I’m trying to do. I just have to not try so hard. Trying too hard will burn your ass out!

Changing is tough because we are creatures of H-A-B-I-T and we like our routines whether or not they’re good for us. Not to mention that when things do get difficult that’s exactly when doubt starts to settle in. Doubt sucks. Self-doubt is as insidious as Darth Sidious. BTW, I’m going from a Ford Ranger to a Lexus IS 350…

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When doubt comes knocking you must kick it square in it’s chin testicles. You have a plan and you need to believe that either you, and or your plan is doable. Have a vision for your body so that when you feel tired you can look at it and be inspired. You need a vision clear enough that you can see it when you close your eyes. If you believe in your plan and stick to it you won’t need to worry about achieving your goal because you would’ve already done all you could. Focus on game planning, preparation, consistency, and execution and watch the world bend to you will! When you put in the work you can relax knowing all you have to do is be patient and have faith. Faith, belief, vision, a plan, all of these are components to succeeding on your mission to the top!!!

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