Put systems in place so you don't screw yourself! #MonkModeMay

by Tim Trueheart

I've been having great workouts lately. Today I did twenty-two minutes in the sauna followed by twenty-five minutes on the heavy bag. Then I did a HIIT workout, stretched my body out, and I called it a day.

I’m working on cutting weight by focusing on my diet which is very difficult… Ha, like you didn’t dieting was difficult. So, if there’s a possibility I’ll have any serious obstacles during my diet I put together fail safes to ensure I don’t go off the rails and eat an entire key lime cheesecake or something equally stupid.

I make sure I have systems in place for when I experience a moment of weakness  so I don’t screw myself over. No one has time to mess around and fail on their diet or their training program over and over. Well, at least I don't.  

I schedule my week so I get all the most important things I need to get done finished in a timely manner. I wake up and either workout or write first thing in the morning everyday. Then I check emails and prepare my brunch (I don’t eat breakfast anymore). Then I do my laundry (I’m a big sweater) and I work on whatever I gotta do. My schedule is very different than most people’s because I’m a comedian so I spend a lot of time writing but my success comes from commitment and discipline. Discipline is so important… I know that sounds like horse shit coming from the guy who hasn’t done a blog post in almost two weeks but I mean it… I wrote this didn’t I?

Anyway, you’ve got to put systems in place that stop you from screwing yourself over. If you can have a back up plan for when you start going all Dumb and Dumber then the likelihood of you reaching your goals will grow exponentially!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for y’all today. I’m glad to be back. I had some serious computer issues which have since been resolved so I will be posting daily blogs going forward unless I say otherwise. Again I appreciate you for riding with me partners!