Is Self-Acutalization possible as an addict?

by Tim Trueheart

From time to time I ask myself, why I am doing this? For Self-actualization… I think?

I perform, do blogs, vlogs, and social media along with staying in shape and I wondered, why?

Short answer, because I’ve dedicated myself to becoming a professional writer and comedian, and I love it! Yeah, I make daily blog posts to drive more traffic to my website. Sure, I stay in shape so people will think I’m attractive and I’ll look and feel better. Also, because I relish the feeling of knowing that when it comes to being the best I can be, that I try. Honestly, when I’m doing my thing I feel like a success, and even though I’m not a success yet, I feel like I’m going to become one eventually. I think that feeling is because those actions put me on the path of self-actualization.

I, like everyone, want to be self actualized and yet for so many of us it is merely a dream. Recently, I heard that you can not be self-actualized without being free from addictions. Hmm? That’s crazy considering the average American has at least half a dozen addictions at all times, from soft phone addictions to hard drug addictions. Is that why so many of us are so unsatisfied? Are we all just a bunch of addicts that’ll never reach our goals because we can’t stop looking at social media? If this is true, then what else is true?

Before I thought, “Bottom line is, if I put in the hard work to make my set, and my life, the best it can be I’m going to achieve things and be happy with my life.” But apparently that’s not entirely true…

I thought, “I’ll just get my act to where it’s razor sharp and then positive things will start happening in my life.“ Apparently, also not true. Now my ideas, plans and feeling about things are always changing and I’m constantly developing my approach to life, and the world, but after hearing that you can’t self-actualize while having addictions I was blown away… SMH, WTF? Is that really true?

I thought #MonkModeMay was one thing but now I see it’s even more. Monk mode May is an opportunity to kick addictions and put yourself in line and vibrating at the frequency of your destiny.