The more healthy habits you have the more comfortable in general you'll be. #MonkModeMay

by Tim Trueheart

If you’re going to get fit you’ll need an optimal balance of exercise, rest, and diet. Well, that’s easier said than done. Essentially, most of us overtrain and/or under rest. Training intensity should only be about 70% and occasionally you go hard. Instead of going beast mode everyday you  focus on consistency and flow. Apparently, that allows you to get more volume and better long term results. I am just now getting that through my thick skull and boy are there some great benefits!

Today is a rest day... What that means is I have a lot of stretching to do. I might do walking on my rest days. A lot of walking or yard work on a rest day, or even a light hike,

is cool. Rest can be anything though. These are a few great ways to rest; yoga, floatation tank session, massage, manicure,  even a haircut and tanning could work for a recovery day. need to let my body recover and I am starting to see what it looks like to let my body recover. Meditating is always essential but on a rest day maybe you'll go longer or deeper that day.

Here is a great example from a Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Fight Companion episode with guest Firas Zahabi. Zahabi is a world class MMA trainer who has trained MMA legends like Rory MacDonald and Georges St. Pierre arguably the greatest fighter of all time.

No, probably not better than Jon Jones but come on GSP dude... I'm talking about GSP! GSP!! He's a true martial artist and ambassador for the sport. He's never had any bad press. He's clean as a whistle. Except for that one time he had Vaseline all over his back but dude that's just gamesmanship. What? He didn't "take" anything. Anyway check this out, it's fascinating.

You have to loosen up your body every morning and every night as well as before and after each workout. I need to loosen up my body just to have a productive day! If I did a long cardio session followed by kicking the heavy bag then I’d need a serious full body stretching routine.

See, your training schedule won't work if you're always be tight and sore... You've gotta stick to a balanced plan that covers everything; calisthenics, flexibility, mobility, power, speed, while working the cardiovascular system.

The more healthy habits you have the more comfortable in general you'll be.

I'm waking up earlier and earlier. If I wake up first thing in the morning feeling stiff and tight I know I'm not stretching enough and that's today's focus. It means, I'm overtrained, and need to warm up my body and then to stretch out my sore muscles and get loose. Staying loose is everything. You can't even feel comfortable and at ease when you're body is super tight and stiff.

Stretching, yoga, running, meditation, all keys to living a healthy life.

Remember, the more healthy habits you have the more comfortable in general you'll be.

So, when you wake up warm up your body with some light calisthenics, followed by circuits of body weight exercises. After a full body body weight circuit routine move into a body weight inspired cardio session incorporating intervals of varying intensity.

(No wonder aerobics is so dope. Zumba anyone?)

I think you get up and meditate. Then get your body moving, then your mind flowing, then you can really get out there and be dangerous. Next you get a little workout in come back and do some yoga and then write afterwards and lay out your plans for world domination, or peace whatever you like. *knuckles*