BLOG POST #1 Obsess, and become great!

by Tim Trueheart

I'm going to be me and you be you. I'm going to do me and you can do you. I can only share my ideas, and you can either choose to agree or disagree.

So, helping others gives me joy, So I hope I can be of service to you with these blogs. I hope. I'm going to do one a day for thirty days... That's exciting, that's opportunity to do something new, and exciting, and difficult. It's also an opportunity to be creative and to grow, and because of that I'm down... So here goes.

Number one, the only way to become great is through obsession. You must truly become obsessed with something to truly become great at something. I know that sounds like a lot, but honestly it's not. Not for me at least, and because of that, it shouldn't be for you either, because, i'm no better than you. Trust me.

Don't get me wrong, I can be a dabbling futhamucka... that's just not how I am usually. I'm not the type of person who can do something a little bit. I'm usually obsessed with things.  What I'm saying is I can obsess, so I can be great, and you probably can too. 

Only when I'm completely NOT into something do I not show any glimpses of greatness. 

If you're having trouble being obsessed with anything either get off of the mood stabilizers or search harder, and find what it is that makes you passionate! There is something out there for everyone, I truly believe that. I was an Art Teacher, and because of my background I have this belief that everyone has a material, and it is your job to find it. Once you find your passion you can become whatever it is your passion happens to be. This is not easy, nothing that was ever really valuable is easy, that's kind of how it is. So find out what it is that makes you tick. If it's porn then it's porn, if it's being an accountant then that's what it is you're a number cruncher. I dunno. 

I will say this, there can be problems down the road. For example, if you're really into the idea that you're going to be a stand-up comedian but you're not that funny then you're going to have some problems. You've got to be able to make money in order to maintain your primary objective. You may have to do some "other" thing than your goal for weeks, months, or even years before you can switch from being an accountant to being a porn actor. It might take you 10 years before you don't have to crunch numbers and you can crunch cans of root beer with your tits, or balls, or your ball-tits... I'm trying to be PC here folks. 

So you know what you want and you're doing it a few hours a day and you're not were you want to be yet in the adventure? Cool! That's right, you're not there yet and you're cool with that. You're not upset that you're not there yet, you're not anxious that you may not ever make it, and you're not comparing yourself to that kid who started two years ago and he's already 5 years ahead of you. You're happy where you are. You're happy where you are because you're on the journey and you're doing it a few hours a day and you're not where you want to be yet but you're on you're journey to your goal. You're ripping and riding you're rocking and rolling you're doing it you're doing it. Let's do it together. We're ripping and riding we're rocking and rolling we're doing it, we're doing it! 

Thanks for reading.