BLOG POST #2 Focus, and Share like a ninja!

by Tim Trueheart

Careers in the arts are difficult because oftentimes it feels like you’re not moving forward. You want change but nothing is happening and it seems like things are going to take forever. Well, seeing change doesn’t have to take years, it just takes action, it takes measured and focused action. Now, There’s a big difference between action, and focused action. Focus is key.   

That's my cousin, and yes she whooped my ass shortly after this was taken. 

That's my cousin, and yes she whooped my ass shortly after this was taken. 

In Mortal Kombat there was this unlockable secret character named Reptile and occasionally before fights he’d jump in the middle of the screen and tell you how to unlock him.

He’d say things like “Perfection is the key,” … I always thought that was so interesting because the only way to unlock him was to get back to back flawless victories on this level called The Pit. What? Just me? I’m the only one that thinks that’s interesting? Reptile would also say, "Alone is how to find me" (meaning he’s only unlockable in single player mode). Anyway I always loved Reptile because Reptile would give you clues on how to find him… One of the clues to find him was focusing. Thanks Reptile, thanks for teaching me how to focus. I wish more people would clue us in on how to achieve success.


If you have an idea that can help people then share that idea. Clue people in, don’t be an asshole and keep all the good stuff for yourself, that’s gross! It’s gross to be a success hoarder because it doesn’t actually hurt you to share your keys to success because success simply cannot be achieved overnight. If it could I guess that’d make sense, sort of, but it doesn’t. Success doesn’t come from get rich quick schemes purchased in the middle of the night between greasy fap sessions. If it did there’d be perverted millionaires all over the place! And not sure if you’ve noticed it or not, but there are neither rich people nor are there perverts everywhere.

“Oh no, if I help them then somehow they might end up becoming something bigger and better than me.” Blah-blah-blah, some other dumb shit you’ve thought up in your creative fear mongering mind. If that’s your attitude then that will probably happen because that’s bitch thinking. If you use half of your creativity to not be a scary ass bitch, and then shared your knowledge you’d be SO much better off.

With that being said, I’ve come to the conclusion that comedians are like fine wine, it takes years for them to reach their maturity. I’m officially ten years in the game... No shit, It’s crazy! But I will help a beginning comedian because it’s the right thing to do, and because it doesn’t hurt me. It actually helps me because they’ll remember I’m that guy that helped them when they were just starting out and they’ll probably hook me up. Hopefully. Worrying about that other stuff is weak minded loser thinking, and we're not losers. Losers don’t have focus, drive, and determination. Now it truly takes all that and more to succeed, and that’s why we help others, we share clues, because that makes us all successful. If you don’t share it’s probably because you’re a scared, selfish, and a loser. But hey, success isn’t for everyone, some people are losers. 1-2-3 Not it!

This is the site where I got some of that info on Mortal Kombat I got stuck there for awhile so be careful it’s fascinating.