by Tim Trueheart

    I know it’s ironic how often I use the hashtag success considering how unsuccessful I am... But I'm not a loser. Yes, I have rented movies from the public library on a Friday night... But who hasn’t? Oh, you haven’t? Well... only God can judge me.

    My focus is on being an artist/comedian/entrepreneur. Some say my lifestyle is the definition of funemployment. I disagree, just because I’m trying to carve out my niche through a career in the arts does not mean I’m constantly having fun all day... Nope, quite the opposite.  

    Building a brand/business is much harder than I thought, especially since I’m doing something as difficult and subjective as comedy.

    For example, yesterday I spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to change the font on my website. Not fun! It was tedious problem solving. But, sometimes that happens, it’s just part of starting/running a business.

    I just try to get a little better each day. My neurosis (we’ve all have em) make everyday a challenge for me. Mine cause me lots of problems, (anxiety mostly). I’m a future tripper, I’m a worrier, (For sure, I’d rather be a warrior).

    Through extensive personality tests, tarot card readings, and various psychedelic experiences I’ve learned a lot about myself, and how to better play to my strengths.

    Wherever I go I try to put out positive energy, because when I started my journey I believed I lacked self-discipline I attempted to pull out all the stops… I got an acting coach, a life coach, and a personal trainer. I didn’t want anything to stop me from succeeding especially myself.

    One of the most important things I’ve learned since embarking on this journey is I need to keep feeding my desire to feel like I’m learning and getting better every day. For some reason I have really big attitude problems when I don’t feel like I’m growing, learning, or moving forward. I think I get upset when I feel like I’m not moving towards my goals because I fear that my enemy is catching up, potentially passing me, and possibly leaving me in the dust.

    Exactly the reason why I hired so many people to help me. It wasn’t even a bad idea it was just expensive, and I was already bad with money. Honestly, my poor finances sparked my interest in Bitcoin. I figure I can't handle real money so why not try digital currency and pretend it's a video game?

Homework: Write down a list of your 3 foibles i.e. your issues.

Example: I get angry when I have a bad set. I’m super messy. I’m inconsistent in pursuit of my goals.

    Once you have your 3 foibles, analyze them by asking, Why? Break them down until you have the answers you need to vanquish your demons. Cut that suckers head off!

Good luck,