BLOG #66: Tao of #standupcomedy

by Tim Trueheart

Earlier today I thought to myself…

“Is there a point where you don’t get any better and once you get to that point are you

just stuck?”

    I want to be a professional comedian... But, in order for me to move to the next level I need to become a better comedian. However I’m having problems with my performances and the problems onstage are happening because of mistakes I’m making offstage. For example, one mistake is: I’m not reviewing my material often enough. I record all of my sets but I honestly only listen to about half of them. I don't know why that is the case. It’s dumb because I know I’ll be better if I make listening to all my sets a habit. I have to be honest with myself...  I mean, if I don't listen to my material then how can I expect to really improve?

    There you have it… I’m simply going to focus on doing the things that will help me become a better comedian. Even if it’s difficult for me.